-: Standard Operating Procedures

The main objective of the restaurant is to obtain the satisfaction of the guests, which reflected in the income and profitability in the end. To achieve this goal which considered the main indicator of success the effectiveness and efficiency of the operating procedures that appear in the quality of the service, the product and the general atmosphere of the restaurant must be verified.

Excellent is developing a set of standard operating procedures that ensure the highest quality of each element affecting guest evaluation, including the following points

Evaluate the current status of the restaurant, operating system and existing strengths and weaknesses •
Develop a plan for the development and upgrading of the restaurant's classification based on the evaluation •
Develop a plan to raise sales and increase the number of guests •
Continuous training and follow-up of service personnel on the basis of service according to standard standards •
Setting up and stamping the paperwork (worksheets) to link the sections of the restaurant •
Standard cleaning procedures •
Periodic monitoring of the efficiency and safety of operating equipment •
Periodic follow-up of the state of the restaurant and general atmosphere (furniture - decorations - adaptations - audio and video) •
Develop a methodology to solve any problem that affects the work •
Provide a periodic report on the most important problems with recommendations proposed for resolution •