-: Restaurants Turnarounds

More than 60% of restaurants stumble in the first year and 80% stumble over the first five years. There is a need to use outside consultants as a Neutral entity free of Pressure or emotion and compliments to put the investor's hands on the weaknesses and real reasons, whether visible or hidden, such as high cost for example and put the methods to handle

Excellent Restaurant Consultants provides technical, financial and marketing specialists to develop a comprehensive assessment of the current situation and the real reasons that threaten the restaurant and develop a time-specific plan for a package of fast and strict procedures to get out of the stumble and put the restaurant on track
: These actions include

Survey of opinions of guests, employees and investors •
Evaluate the restaurant according to standard standards •
Evaluation of management and operating system •
Evaluate products in terms of quality, cost and price •
Evaluate the number and efficiency of employees •
Financial analysis of profit and loss for the last six months •
Comparison of cost and disbursement budgets with standards •
Evaluation of the marketing plan •
Develop and implement a time plan for corrective action •