-: Menu Development Services

The main objective of the restaurant is to obtain the satisfaction of the guests, which reflected in the income and profitability in the end. To achieve this goal which considered the main indicator of success the effectiveness and efficiency of the operating procedures that appear in the quality of the service, the product and the general atmosphere of the restaurant must be verified

Based on our belief that food and beverage is the main product of the restaurant, which aims to satisfy guests and get the highest rating of them, so our company set menus based on the restaurant`s concept with consideration of harmony of elements of raw materials with each other and their availability in the local market and quality evaluation in terms of form, quantity, presentation, cost, price and how to comply with new innovations and what should be added or removed from the menu based on follow-up value of sales, profitability and storage and availability of raw materials and the proficiency of the staff to implement the menu items Correct, we develop a report and corrective actions and implementation according to the following points

Menu Engineering •
Recipes book, ingredients, cost and recommended selling prices •
Raw materials specifications and selected suppliers list •
Food and beverages presentation and the identification of China and glass wear •
Packing tools for delivery sales •
List of equipment to be available for the kitchen and its specifications •
Training on new and modified items and methods of preparation and presentation •