-: Internal Accounts

Due to the importance and the role of the restaurant's internal accounts which providing investors with periodic reports supporting the decisions of investment and corrective, Excellent restaurant consulting is given great importance to develop this sector to be one of the most important factors of success desired

-: The financial team of Excellent Restaurant Consultants provides the following services

Develop the accounting system in line with the modern accounting of restaurants •
Develop a financial plan for expected revenues and expenditure and cost budget •
Provide a daily financial report to the investors explaining the daily financial movement of the restaurant •
Audit on internal accounts and check cash balances •
Review purchase prices and expenses •
Reviewing direct cost, margin deviation and corrective action •
Review and check inventory •
Monthly P&L reports •
Monthly revenue analysis •
Monthly expenses analysis •
Monthly purchasing analysis •
Analysis of the cost and profitability centers of the monthly restaurant sections •
Comparison of actual revenues and expenses with the financial plan •
Analysis of monthly deviation points •