Company Overview

-: Company Vision

Excellent F&B Business Consulting Company aims to be the first supporter of investors in the food and beverage sector and is a leader in changing the concept of the traditional management in restaurants and cafeterias to the outsource management, whether it will be in a full or a partial management and spreading this concept in the Egyptian market based on confidence, efficiency and low cost

-: Company Mission

Excellent F&B Business Consulting Company aims to provide all service and technical support to investors in the food and beverage sector, especially new restaurants, turnarounds restaurants or restaurants aiming to develop and improve their operational efficiency by providing a package of procedures, specific solutions, effective plans, serious follow-up and consultations to support investors in making appropriate decisions Which will affect the work positively and improve the efficiency of operating and maximize the target profits

-: Company Values

: Excellent company is committed by a values that cannot be excluded as

Trust: "Excellent" Company believes that building trust wall with investors done by working as a one team against all challenges rather than as separate parties
Confidentiality: "Excellent" Company undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the investor's information, which it considers to be its trustee
Competence: "Excellent" Company is committed to exert the required effort with the highest efficiency, and provide the human competencies required for the job
Commitment: "Excellent" Company is committed to fulfilling all the plans and systems set by the company according to the specified specifications, conditions and timings